Sermons given at the 10.30 am Sunday service are regularly available as audio downloads and some in written form below.

The Spiritual Value of Suffering

(2 Corinthians 12.1-10)


You’ll understand, I hope, if I take up the theme of the spiritual value of suffering. It is, after all a year and four days after cardiac arrest and all its subsequent complications struck me. I want to thank you again for your solicitude in both prayer and action during the times of hospitalization and convalescence.

But the theme of the spiritual value of suffering isn’t just my anniversary issue; it’s also St Paul’s issue. For in the twelfth chapter of his second letter to the Corinthians Paul takes up the theme.

The Shining



There’s something appropriate about the celebration of the birth of Jesus in late December. The early dark winter nights obscure even the obvious; they shroud still more what lies concealed and hard to see or grasp. The child of Bethlehem is just that, a child. Who really knows what and who he is, what and who he’ll become. His story, beginning in the depths of this world’s seasonal darkness, has yet to unfold; his light, as the Light of the world, has yet really to shine.