HELP NEEDED!AbPassPlay19bepartofit 

The Abingdon Passion Play, at the heart of the Big Easter Event, is Abingdon Churches biggest combined community event. 

With more people involved the whole event will run safer, smoother and be more successful communicating the central message of Easter. We are looking for:

ACTORS - no experience needed, just 2 rehearsals on 24th March 2-6pm All Saints and 2.30-6.30pm 31st March Peachcroft

STEWARDS - be a friendly face and help keep people safe for some or all of the event. Full briefing and hi-vis provided. We need at least 12 more stewards for the event to run safely

PRAYER PARTNERS - please can we cover before during and after the event in prayer - we'll provide regular updates and prayer points.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST - people to distribute leaflets to as many homes as possible in Abingdon: this method ensures that everyone will have chance to hear about the event. Please collect as many bundles as you can conveniently manage.

Please contact Katharine de VIlliers 07768022684 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

With many thanks for your support!