Choral EvensongChoral Evensong

Sung evening prayers and calming music

On third Sundays Choral Evensong is offered according to the order for Evening Prayer of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer (slightly adapted). 

The choir sings most of the service with the congregation joining in with a couple of hymns. The choir also sings a more complicated anthem and the organist plays a delightful postlude to conclude the service. The musical settings for the prayers and the anthem can be found on the music pages.

The service is designed to flow through with little interuption but your service sheet indicates when to stand or sit, and when you are invited to join in.  It lasts about 45 minutes.

Occasionally this service is preceded by an informal concert and teas. Please see  Events  or check the newsletter pages.  Occasionally the third Sunday service is a simple Evensong.

healingService for Wholeness and Healing

This is a half-hour service which provides the opportunity for the members of the congregation to recieve the sacrament of anointing for healing and wholeness.  The ministry of anointing was common in the early Christian movement and was a part of several sacramental celebrations of the Church. Anointing of the sick with laying-on-of-hands is specifically mentioned in the New Testament in the Letter to James (5.14). 

This ministry is offered to those who wish to participate. During the service consider those aspects of your life where healing and wholeness are, for you, a special priority.  Make them your special offering in the course of the silent prayer. Remember especially those needing healing and wholeness during the Intercessions.