Let my prayer be set forth in your sight as incense,

and let the lifting up of my hands be as an evening sacrifice.



Vespers, together with Mattins, form the two major daily offices of the Community of Bose. The structure is in continuity with the ‘monastic’ format but has been adjusted with an ecumenical ‘eye’ so as to contain (in differing degrees) elements of Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox traditions of worship in a coherent, new and contemporary form.

Taizé landsTaizé

This is a service based on the style of worship of the ecumenical monastic community of brothers at Taizé in Burgundy, France. It is a service of the Word.

It is distinctive for the style of music which is integral to the worship: simple, repetitive chants, usually accompanied by instruments. The chants, slowly repeated, provide a focus for the mind while the spirit can go deeper into prayer.

The service takes place in the South Aisle gathered around the ‘Taizé Cross’. There is a scripture reading, a short address and times of silence and prayer, 40-45 min.