Welcome to the website of St. Helen’s, Abingdon. It’s extraordinary to think that Christians have been gathering for worship and witness on this church site since the seventh century. Fourteen centuries ago there were scarcely even books available, yet today, by comparison, the life of our community is accessible across the globe by means of a push of a key. Our website aims to do just that: give you a snap shot of the life of our congregation in its spiritual richness. It will give you history, facts about people and events, a sense of our ethos, priorities and mission concerns, and, I very much hope, inspiration for you today as those of you who visit this site seek sustenance for your spiritual journey. Of course, the cyber-world provides no substitute for actual participation in the life of the Church, so I hope that those of you looking for a spiritual home will be led to explore St. Helen’s further by visiting us. We would welcome that.

May your journey through our site be a blessing to you.

The Revd Dr Charles Miller, Team Rector of Abingdon-on-Thames



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