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The Season of Lent


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Every season of the Church Year is a season of celebration. Lent is no different. But we don’t readily think of it that way. The traditional ‘disciplines’ of the season, prayer, fasting and works of mercy, feel like burdensome duties interrupting the course of life as we want it, life as we prefer it. We wonder what we can “give up”; we fear trivializing Lent’s high calling and rich opportunities--can we connect the proverbial dots?

Still, Lent is a season of celebration.

I call it that because among the cycle of liturgical seasons Lent brings its own gifts of insight and experience which the other seasons do not. The chief gift it aims to bring us, I think, is the gift of focus. Lent is above all a season of focus. Or better, it’s a season of focusing on. What we focus on is the human condition.