Sermons given at the 10.30 am Sunday service are regularly available as audio downloads and some in written form below.

A Worshipping Life

An Epiphanytide Sermon Series

Sundays at 10.30 am in January and February 2018

The Revd Dr Charles Miller, Team Rector

 Worship is natural to humankind, and Christian worship is, as Christians have long insisted, ‘true worship’. This sermon series aims to open up and clarify how Christians worship, both together and by themselves, so that all of us can attend and engage in worship more intentionally and fruitfully. The concern isn’t so much with the particulars of specific ‘services’ but rather with the more basic dynamics that characterize a worshipping life both in church and in life as we live it day by day.

All sermons take place within the context of the Sung Eucharist, starting at 10.30 am, each Sunday. Junior Church is available for younger children, and Quest for pre- and early teens. 

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 January 14th – A Worshipping Life

What does ‘worship’ actually mean? Is it simply about ‘going to church’? Or are worship and life related, and if so, how?


January 21st – Alone and with Others

Some people say, “I believe in God, but I don’t go to church”. Commentators tells us that religion, like so much else nowadays, has been privatized. Can ‘true worship’ really be privatized? How, anyway, are public, corporate worship and personal prayer related?


January 28th (Candlemas) – Creatures of the Borderland

What does the fact that we are body and spirit tell us about worship? How does Christian worship honour the fact that we are embodied spirits?


February 4th – Head and Heart

The things that distinguish the experience of worship from congregation to congregation have changed in recent decades. Should worship aim at the heart or aim at the head? Is it about ideas, affirmations and statements, or is it about feelings? Or both?


February 11th – True Worship (The Transfiguration)

What does the episode of Jesus’ transfiguration tell us about true worship as distinct from erroneous or pale imitations?