Magnitude of Meekness

The Magnitude of Meekness – Christmas for Twelve Days

by Charles Miller

Available from the Parish Office 

‘Every season of the Christian year is special. The reflections that make up this book are meant to help the reader use the twelve days of Christmas to appreciate the meaning of Christmas more fully.’ Charles Miller, the Team Rector of Abingdon-on-Thames, sums up in his own words The Magnitude of Meekness: a compilation bringing together his many years of preaching in a wide variety of settings including Oxford colleges, central New York and suburban Oxfordshire, at the Christmas season. Twelve sermons, one for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, make up a short but no means lightweight volume. Charles Miller weaves together the personal experiences of those in the Christmas stories, and his own experiences, with deeper theological reflections.


Scripture, poetry and carols paint a vivid picture of the many facets of the Christmas season and its timeless truths. From Dr Zeuss to T. S. Eliot via Chaucer, the author uses a tapestry of literature to bring to life the different themes of each of the twelve days.

Beautifully illustrated, The Magnitude of Meekness would make a welcome present or personal book for devotion over the Christmas season encompassing the myriad of themes and emotions that make up this special time in the church’s year, bringing together, in Charles’s words, ‘many unexpected yet enriching trajectories of reflection and insight’.

Magnitute of Meekness is available from the Parish Office, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Published by Window  

ISBN 978-1-9997552-0-1

RRP £9.95