Baptism, or ‘Christening’ as it is sometimes called, is the sacrament by which a person becomes a member of Christ’s mystical Body, the Church. It is the sacrament of entrance into the common life of the Church.

Those who desire baptism either for themselves or for their children are expected to share in a pattern of preparation for Baptism. In the case of first time parents the preparation currently takes the form of two evening sessions together with other parents and led by a member of the clergy in which the meaning of Baptism and its responsibilities are explored. These sessions take place on designated Tuesdays at 8 pm in the Lounge of St Helen’s Church Centre.

Participants need to book into these sessions in advance. To book a place please make contact with the Administrator in the Church Office (01235 520144).

Parents who have had one child baptised at St Helen’s and wish to have another child baptised do not need to book in for preparation again. However, a discussion with one of the clergy is required. Parents should do that through the Administrator in the Church Office.

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‘Those who are baptized have disappeared under the surface of Christ’s love and have reappeared as different people’

--Archbishop Rowan Williams (Tokens of Trust)